Emergency Evacuation – when real-time positioning matters

How can you ensure that all persons have been evacuated in time? Wearing a ZIGPOS Badge can save lives!

As far as staff and visitors are tagged with the ZIGPOS badge, it’s easy sharing their whereabouts with others like the head of operation and first responders. The precise positions of all badges are shown on the floor plan of the buidling in real-time. The mapped badge positions can be easily visualized with web-browser capable devices.

Due to its sensors you can exactly observe if a person is still moving at all and if so in which direction. At a glance it’s obvious who is saved and who is still in danger. Depending on their current positions casualties can get messages on their badge how to escape best. The owner of the badge himself can call for help by triple tapping the device.

Access Control – Keyless or by RFID

The ZIGPOS Badge is a smart key to manage access to restricted areas, buildings, rooms or virtuell fenced floors.

Due to its MIFARE transponder the badge can be used as proximity key card. It is compatible with almost all legacy access control systems.

Even without RFID readers the smart badge works as a keyless entry system. Access can be triggered while approaching a predefined virtual threshold. The actual position of the badge controls the door lock system via its web-interface.

Fall Detection – immediate help is near

The badge sensors detect extraordinary behavior that might be caused by work accidents or medical emergencies.

In case of a sudden fall or shock an alarm message will be triggered. The head of operations and the surrounding badge owners will get notified automatically. The flashing badge LED helps finding the casualty even in the dark. The real-time visualization shows the precise position of the concerned badge. Its state color changes accordingly in the map.


The wireless sensor network provides positioning capabilities as well as communication. Users can assign messages directly to each badge. Up to 100 characters or pictures with a resolution of 264 x 176 pixels can be displayed.

For instance: The doctor can be called in the surgery. / Depending on the progress of work new orders can be assigned. / In case of a sudden fall or shock the surrounding badge owners will get notified automatically.

New messages are highlighted by the flashing badge LED. Confirmation is by double tapping the device.


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