The ZIGPOS Badge

Employee ID and Access Control

Identify staff, visitors, VIPs and external personnel by assigning a picture, personal data and user rights. Connect the badges with your legacy access control system even by RFID.

Detection of Presence and Events

Detect when individuals entering or leaving dedicated areas. The indoor geofencing works continuously without readers at gates or doors. In the event of a sudden fall or a shock an alarm message will be triggered automatically.

3D Pinpoint Accuracy

Localize the positions of all tagged individuals in real-time. Get full transparency of their whereabouts with 30 cm 3D accuracy. Rescue accident victims by their last known position.

Real-time Tracking

Document movement patterns of badge-holders in real-time. Prevent someone gets lost. Assure immediate assistance when it matters.


Find your destination straight in unknown buildings and facilities by navigation icons on the badge display.


Get short messages on your badge. Call for assistance or confirm work orders, location aware advices or status changes by double tapping.